During classes I will guide you to work on musicality, accents, definition and clarity of movement while also being able to let your personality shine through them. You will learn to work within your body and find the necessary tools to improve your flexibility, strength, technique and overall body awareness. 

If you have never done this before: Be courageous - it’s never too late! Everybody feels new and challenged when they start out in dance, no matter their age, background, and flexibility, but Eleonora’s classes bring fun and creativity to dancing, and everybody is welcome!

 See you in class!

Adult classes run through half term, and you are welcome to start at any point


Check the schedule!. Choose your pick!

 Be kind and be safe. x



Please email me to book your space asap! 



A contemporary dance fun day filled with choreography, refining your technique, exploring meditation and breath work as well as expending your range of movement and fitness. 

If you wouldl like to devote a whole day for yourself and your art, email me.

Oxford, Saturday March 5th 10AM-5PM



Take class from your own home or at the studio! 

Remember, if you don't try, you don't know!

What will you need? a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet, internet connection, comfortable clothing and water near by.

How does it work? You tell me what classes you want to take and I will send you a link and you will click on it a couple of minutes before the class starts and I will be there ready to start. 

You can let me know via text/ WhatsApp or email which class you want to attend. 

For dance classes, you may want to move some furniture about if possible. But don't worry much about it as long as you can lunge it's ok.

For Chair yoga, a chair and please make sure you know what you can or cannot do. This actually goes for every type of exercise. It's a gentle exercise aim at elderly people and /or those with mobility issues 

For PiIates, you may want a mat, but a towel on a carpet would work too.

For ballet, comfortable clothe and something like a piece of furniture or a chair would work well as a barre too.

For toddlers', It'd be great if you can have a teddy in stand by for them to dance with, a couple of soft scarves they can dance and swing side to side. Any other props we will figure out along the way. 



Ballet- Adults- 9.15-10.15AM Online

30 min workout Legs, bums and tums 10.30AM Online

Pilates mat -Mix level- 5PM Online 



Toddlers dance, PIlates for adults and Chair yoga for over 55's CornExchange, Newbury.

5-7 year olds ballet/dance class at Snell Hall, East Hendred. 3.30- 4PM In person

Legs, Bums & Tums Conditioning  5PM (30min) Online 

Adults contemporary dance class  (general level)  6-7.30PM  Online



 30 min Pilates -in PJs-! Start the day smart with this 30 minute workout that will leave you ready to take on the day ahead. 7.30-8AM Online

Adults contemporary dance class Beginners 5.30-6.30PM Arts at OFS 

 Adults contemporary dance classIntermediate/Advance 6.30-8PM  Arts at OFS 



Body awareness/Yoga/Pilates (over 55s) 9-10AM ONLINE

Toddler's dance and Pilates for adults at CORNERSTONE, Didcot.

 9-13 year olds group Contemporary class at The Coach House, Headington. (registration now open)

 14-16 year olds group. at The Coach House, Headington.  5-6PM - (registration now open)



Ballet- Adults- 9.30-10.30AM Online

30 min workout Legs, bums and tums 10.30AM Online



Ballet 6-9 year olds 9.30-10AM Online

  All levels contemporary dance class -Adults- 10-11.30AM Online



 Stretching class  6-7PM  -once a month -Online  


Private sessions available 


Be kind, be safe, keep your distance, wash your hands and spread only love.

With much love and very best wishes to you all,

Ellie x


Before you commit to booking a class please read these terms and conditions:



You acknowledge that you are participating in online classes at your own risk and that you are medically fit to do so. Lunas Dance Project cannot be held liable for any injury/ damage and/or loss that might arise as a result of your participation in these online classes, if you participate against guidance from medical advisors and/ or health care professionals or if you fail to comply with advice given to you by myself (Ellie Aldegheri) but without limitation, in relation to safety and/ or technique.

For in person classes, please make sure you bring a bag where you could leave your shoes, a towel, water bottle, hand sanitiser and keep following good hygiene practices. Masks ARE required in the building so please make sure you bring them. I will be taking a lateral Flow COVID-19 Test before teaching in person classes so I am asking you to do the same, specially if you haven't been double jabbed. I woudl also apperciate it if you could bring proofoddouble vaccination.
Before attending you should self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms (a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; a loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste). If they have one or more of these symptoms (even if they are mild), you should advise them not to attend any sporting activity, and to follow NHS guidance on testing and self-isolation.

You should not take part if you need to self-isolate (for example, because you have tested positive or are asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace). If you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms (a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; a loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste), you should not to attend, even if these symptoms are mild. If you live with, or have close contact with, a positive case, please avoid taking class.

 I know this may sound strict, but I am thinking of everyone involved and their loved ones.



You are responsible for paying the fee for the class you wish to participate in. If 2 people from the same household wish to take part in an online class, 2 payments will be needed.

Payments are to be made 24hs before the session starts at the very latest. Bank transfer or a method of payment agreed by us. 

An hour session online is £12 (in consecutive blocks of 2 or more £10)/ 90 minutes class, £15. (For in person classes at Arts at OFS, please read below)

Classes cannot be reserved without payment. Your place within an online or in person class is only confirmed once payment has been received.

Cancellations within 24 hours from class commencement will be charged in full and a credit will not be given.

Late payments have a penalty of £2 and you may not have a place in class anyway.

Refunds for classes already taken are not permitted under any circumstances. No-shows will be charged at full price and a credit will not be given. Participants arriving late for class may lose their place or be refused entry and a credit will not be given.

Classes and class bundles are not transferable to other persons.

Where I am unable to attend class I will supply a cover teacher if possible. refunds will not be given on that basis.

If for any reason a class is cancelled or does not go ahead, the participant will be refunded in full 

Unused payments may be converted into credit towards another class if agreed between us so please make sure you contact me asap. Payments for online classes missed cannot be transferred to another class taking place in the future without prior communication between us.
If under the circumstances that I need to reschedule or cancel a class, your payment will be transferred to another class of your decision of the same value taking place in the future.

Children/teens' classes are to be paid termly advanced.

Ballet classes are to be paid monthly in advance. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please email me.

Wednesday Intermediate/advanced Adult classes 6.30-8PM can be paid per calendar month in advance at £16 per session or £19 paying one class at a time. These last ones must be paid, at the latest, 24hs from the moment the class starts at the very latest or a £2 late payment fee will apply. So class should be paid by the Tuesday before at 6.30PM at the very latest.

*Wednesday Beginners /Improvers class 5.30-6.30PM can be paid per calendar month in advance at £13 per session, or £17 paying one class at a time.These last ones must be paid 24hs form the moment the class starts at the very latest or a £2 late payment fee will apply.So class should be paid by the Tuesday before at 5.30PM at the very latest.

.-For those who are joining Wednesdays online the payment must be made by Monday at 6.30PM at the latest. You can pay in advance per calendar month at £15 or paying in advance per session at £16. These last ones must be paid 24hs form the moment the class starts at the very latest or a £2 late payment fee will apply.

All payments must be made via Bank transfer or any other method previously agreed between the two of us.
Please make sure you email me beforehand so I can let you know how many Wednesdays the classes are running in a specific month.



You may not share, give or sell the online class login details to any other person or entity. When you book an online class you agree to take all actions possible to protect the class login details for any fraudulent use. I reserve the right to cancel your participation in any online classes without a refund if I believe our classes have been compromised, or our class logins are being used fraudulently, at my sole discretion.

I will never share or sell your data from online class bookings to anyone under any circumstances. Your email address will always be Bcc'd and remain private when I am sending group emails unless otherwise agreed by us.

By reading this you confirm you have understood and are in accordance with all of the above.
If you have any questions or concerns with any of the above, please let me know.


Participation includes possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases including but not limited to Covid-19. Whilst our protocols and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious illness and death does exist and I knowingly and freely assume all such risks both known and unknown even if arising from the negligence of Lunas Dance Project/ Ellie Aldegheri or others, I assume full responsibility for my participation.

I willingly agree to comply with the stated terms, conditions and protocols regarding protection against infectious diseases. If I observe any unusual hazard I will remove myself and bring it to the attention of the nearest teacher/ manager immediately.

And for myself and any personal representatives hereby release and hold harmless Lunas Dance Project/Ellie Aldegheri, and other participants with respect to illness, disability or death, or loss or damage to person or property whether arising from negligence or otherwise.




Stay tuned. Sign in for the newsletter and if you are interested about joining the company, please email Ellie lunasdanceproject@gmail.com



Summer Intensive 18 July-22 July, 2022

 To develop the professional within the student and cultivate an understanding of the art form of dance at a high level.

For students aged 16+ who are dedicated, disciplined and dance with a generosity of spirit. A rewarding dance experience that focuses on developing well rounded dancers by exposing them to a variety of disciplines with an emphasis on contemporary. The mission is to provide the tools to become strong and reliable professionals.

Suitable for adv. beginners/low intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced students

Classes will be lead by Ellie Aldegheri and top-quality teachers guest teachers from the UK and abroad.
The course includes classes (such as ballet, pilates, musical theatre and commercial), a mock audition with a panel of industry professionals and a final show on the Saturday evening.




Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford

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